Mike Murphy

A2: Profile Page


I am a Web Developer from Seattle currently finishing up a Development Certificate at Seattle Central College. I have six years experience as a video editor and I am also a performer at Jet City Improv. My talents have brought me from Billboards to Music Festivals and the New York Times.

I strive to be as technically sound as I am creatively driven. Although I maintain many creative pursuits, I came to SCC to become stronger in my technical ability.

Since I began in the program last year, I have learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Node.JS, Python, ASP.NET, Java and PHP. In the realm of development, I am best at HTML, CSS and PHP. They are the languages that I practice the most. I am not as good at Javascript and I have a special type of dedication to learn it.

I plan to attend class everyday, but there may be instances that I may not be able to. I am a new Dad may need to remotely view the class from home. I plan to be a part of every class. No vacations that conflict.

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